Porsche Family Day featuring Porsche Classic 2016
October, 03, 2016

Omnium rerum principia parva sunt. That is a quote by a Roman philosopher, Cicero, which roughly translates to "Everything has a small beginning" and in that spirit, Prestige Image Motorcars in partnership with the Porsche Club Indonesia (or PCI) are back with the ever-popular event, The Porsche Classics, to showcase to the world, the history of Porsche from its humble beginnings to how it became one of the world's most renowned and innovative sports-car manufacturer.

On September 24, 2016, 17 classic and retro Porsches are carefully wheeled into the Maxxbox Lippo Karawaci where the Porsche Classics were held. A 356 Speedster, 550 Spyder, 911, 930 and a 964 to name a few, are spotted to be among those that are to be exhibited to the general public. These 17 cars are not just retro cars, they are pieces of history and if Porsche is a sovereign country, these magnificent automobiles would be its national treasures, forever kept in bullet-proof glasses and would most probably feature in its paper currencies.
The significance of this event was immensely boosted by the support of sponsors such as Pirelli, Chronographes, Eurokars, Sonax, HSBC, Raider Sports, Stark Beers, Monza, SHC, Elide Fire, Xpel, Centurion and of course, our gracious host, Maxxbox.
With everything set and ready to go at D-Day, all of us at both Prestige and PCI, know that it's going to be an awesome and unforgettable day.

The theme of this year's Porsche Classics was simply, "Family". Therefore, family-centric entertainments were provided for all guests to enjoy such as caricature artists, balloon makers, Porsche's Driving School for Kids and also, the famous Asseto Corta.
The event began with a welcome speech by the incumbent PCI President, Ali Setiawan, which was then followed immediately by a parade of PCI members' Porsches circumnavigating the entire area of Karawaci to officially mark the start of this year's Porsche Classics.
Afterward, the attendees were shown the video which briefly explore the worlds of both the Porsche Classics event and the history of Porsche itself before lunch was served with a variety of snacks and main meals.
While enjoying their lunches, attendees were able to attend an educational seminar by Mr. Lucas on classic Porsches and their maintenance.
Toward the end of the day, the best 2016 Classic Porsche were chosen and the deserved champion is the Porsche 356 Speedster.
Awards were then given to the representative of Porsche Classic Owners, Mr. Tom Sutan and Mr. Anthony as the Head of Management of Maxxbox Lippo Karawaci.
PCI and Prestige Image Motorcars thank you both for your support throughout the entire event.

The doorprize event was next on the agenda but unfortunately, the winner never came to the stage upon announcement after several calls for him/her to come forward to claim the ultimate prize.
Another draw was then made in which the new winner is, coincidentally, our very own Mr. Anthony!
Congratulations, Mr. Anthony and enjoy your new luxury watch from BRM!
Subsequently, we started the closing of the event with the announcement of Mr. Mike Leo as the winner of Porsche Classic's Asseto Corta challenge.

Congratulations to you, Sir and with this, we bid you all adieu and we hope to see all of you again, hopefully alongside some new faces, in the next Porsche Classics.
Given the smiles and laughs that we saw for the entirety of this event, we can safely say that all of us here, really had fun.
Let's do this again soon, PCI !

Auf Wiedersehen.

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