MOCI Scenic Drive 2016
October, 03, 2016

When most of us here at Prestige woke up to start the day of August 27th, 2016, there was an air of auspiciousness floating around which made each of us certain that today IS the day.
It's going to be a day out of the extraordinary. A day of triumph and a day of joy. It's the day of Scenic Drive 2016, proudly presented by the M Owners Club Indonesia (or MOCI).

That morning, it seems that every BMW M Series from all over the city gathered in front of the Senayan City Shopping Centre and all of them, have three goals in mind. The Keraton Kasepuhan of Cirebon, charity and fun.
Before long, engines revved and participants started to make their way toward the Ciperna Palimanan Tollroad where the drivers were given freedom to roam the highways, before regrouping at KM 102 of the highway to start the customary photo-shoots.
Exiting the tollroad, the convoy headed directly to the Keraton Kasepuhan where traditional Cirebonese dancers await them. One cannot ask for a more soothing sight for our arrival at the Keraton.

Once all the event-goers are comfortably seated, Sultan Arief Natadiningrat came to the stage to deliver his speech thanking the MOCI Scenic Drive 2016 participants while also empowering each and every one of us with the knowledge of how Cirebon came to be, historically.
It was one of the most compassionate speeches we have ever heard and it was absolutely beautiful, considering that it came from the Sultan himself.
This was then followed by a few opening words by the MOCI President, Mr. Sonny Chuhairy, after which, the event is officially open at the Keraton Kasepuhan.

The feast that ensued was breathtaking. All the local cuisines from Cirebon were there and they were absolutely delicious. Moreover, it's not something that we don't give out lightly when we say that it is easily one of the most delightful lunches that we have ever had.
The entire gala was then complemented perfectly with the Cirebon Mask Dance which captivated all of us with its graceful and elegant moves.

Now that the first goal has been completed, we move on to our second goal which is to present our donations to the children of the orphanage built and supported by the Keraton and the Sultan. Needless to say, it was a humbling experience and to see joy in these children's eyes is something that we could never have enough of.

With a heavy heart, the participants left the orphanage and the city of Cirebon altogether for another fun-filled drive of the tour. This time, the destination is the city of Bandung.
After another enjoyable drive along the Subang Tollroads, we arrived at our hearth in Bandung, the always reliable InterContinental Bandung for a well-deserved rest.
Subsequently, the designated bus carried the group straight to the famous Gedong Putih for dinner and we have only one word to describe this, "Wow!"
A combination of good food, modern colonial architecture and mind-blowing interior designs, it truly deserves its iconic status as the landmark of Bandung.
Full bellies, minds at ease and thirsts quenched, the group proceeded to commit all of these experiences onto their long term memories by having a good night sleep back at the hotel before soldiering on home to Jakarta the very next day.
Suffice to say that at the end of the day, we have achieved our third and final goal of the MOCI Scenic Drive 2016.

Prestige Motorcars would like to thank MOCI for the splendid and meticulously organized event and believe us when we say that we really had fun with you guys.
We also would like to give our special thanks to the Sultan, the staff and dancers at the Keraton and most definitely, to the children of the orphanage for your unequivocal hospitality.

Once again, thank you!

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