PCI - MOCI Motorkhana Brotherhood Time
November, 19, 2016


If there is one thing that Prestige Motorcars can never get enough of these days, it is the overwhelming sense of honor of being trusted to partner two of the biggest motoring clubs in Indonesia, in organizing an event that would enhance the face of the automotive world throughout the country.

This time, it is for the Motorkhana Brotherhood Time that pits the Porsche Club Indonesia (or PCI) against the M Owners Club Indonesia (i.e MOCI) against each other for the ultimate prize of all in the race of two rival German car owners, the right to brag.


For the 19th of November event, the Multipurpose Training Centre of the Indonesian National Police in Cikeas, Bogor was chosen to be the site for these 2 great clubs' members to determine who is the fastest of them all, to become the champion of champions.

At 7 o'clock in the morning, organizers got the event started with a short briefing about the track that is to be used and afterwards, eager racers wasted no time as they poured on to the track to wait for further instructions.

The line of cars streaming onto the track was a sight to behold and once all the racers got into position, the first round to search for the fastest 4 racers from each club began.

As expected, the first round races were close and tight simply because of the collective competitive quality of the drivers and their cars. Nevertheless, 8 racers came out on top, 4 from each club and as they got out of their cars to enjoy their first round victories, we can see that they are itching to get the second rounds of races started.


If the first rounds were close, the second rounds, in search for the top 2 racers from each club to advance to the next round, were even tighter.

First up, the 4 MOCI drivers who won their first round races were pitted against each other. In a slight twist of events, instead of all four racing altogether, the fastest first round MOCI racer is to compete against the fourth fastest, and the second fastest is going to battle the third fastest racer.

The winners from these 2 MOCI races qualify to the third round.

Subsequently, the 2 PCI drivers who are to advance to the next round were determined in the same way.


The third rounds, needed to decide who are the fastest from each of the clubs, immediately got under way as brothers from the same club set aside their fondness for each other to see who is the first to reach the checkered flag.


The final round was filled with tension as two fastest drivers from each club know that no mistake would go unpunished and it would result in a loss of time and the loss of the aforementioned bragging rights.

As the light turns green, they stomped on their accelerators like they have never stomped before.

Members of the crowd were on the edges of their seats as they witness a race that far exceeded everyone's expectation. As they weave through the track, overtake each other and zigzag the course, it is a race like we have never seen before.


At the end of the day though, there can be only one clear winner and it is Mr. Ali Setiawan with a very thin margin of victory over Mr. Henry HK.

Third place, is to be given to Mr. Andry as the overall fastest driver that did not qualify.

Congratulations to all three of you and enjoy the prizes given as the fruits of your labour!


Other awards were then given to various categories such the best SUV, the slowest timelap of them all etc.

Winner of these awards are Oktav, Mike Leo, Herbert, Oti, Henry HK, Hasan, Sandy and Wedy and we'd like to congratulate all of you.

We're sure that once you have brought those awards home, they would be put on display with pride.


To close off the event, the drivers were invited to the tracks and given freedom to test out their cars and skills and they all concluded this test by collaborating together in drifts around the racecourse.


For us Prestige, we brought home that sense of honor and joy that we mentioned in the beginning of this article, for being asked to be partners with these 2 great clubs.

We starting to think that we are addicted to it.

Or perhaps, we are just addicted to being part of a Brotherhood.

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