Image Motorcars

We at Prestige Image Motorcars pride ourselves in delivering the best possible outcome for our clients. With years of experience as an independent supercar dealer, our guiding ideologies of inspiration, exclusivity and luxury have served us successfully well in the very competitive market of Indonesia.

Every transaction is treated as unique and we pledge to give it our absolute devotion from the pre-sales to the post-sales phases until every minute details are cared for to the absolute satisfaction of the client.

At Prestige, we are not just looking to secure a business deal.

We are passionate about establishing an everlasting relationship. And that is a legacy worth fighting for.

Rudy Salim
President Director

Our Service

We strive to be the best in the business


All of our vehicles at PRESTIGE IMAGE MOTORCARS are also covered by a one year auto parts warranty. We guarantee replacement parts in the event of malfunction and breakdown to relieve out costumers of any unnecessary worry - we want you to be at a complete "Peace of Mind".

Service Guarantee

We provide repair and maintenance services on all of our units for up to one year (or 20,000km). Whether your vehicle needs a few small repairs or more extensive work, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and high-quality care. if servicing is needed, we will pick up your car and return it back to you without any additional fee.


Vehicle Customization Enquiry (VCI). We believe our customers should be able to personalize their vehicle into their very own dream car. With our special request service, we provide professional and qualified personal assistants who will take you from concept and design to the finished product.


Vehicle Reservation on Priority (VROP). We endeavor to facilitate the customer's experience with PRESTIGE IMAGE MOTORCARS from the very start of the procurement process. Using this service, you are able to reserve any vehicle you desire on a "first come first served" basis without the need to come to us on location - we will deliver the unit directly to you.